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Christmas Packages are available from 1 to 31 Dec 2023. For delivery from 24 to 26 Dec 2023, ONLY Christmas Packages are available.


BENTO MEAL ($10-$15)

Good food does not have to be expensive or costly. This is what Team Catering’s bento meals in Singapore are all about. We have a diverse menu of cuisines that are sure to please everyone’s palate no matter how demanding it may be. 

Along the way, we make sure that your cravings are satisfied without compromising your health. Whether you want to indulge in local flavours, western bentos, or premium lacquered bentos, we’ve got everything covered. 

Our bentos are lovingly made in mind. This is why in our bento meal catering services, we make sure to serve rice or noodles, fish, lean meat, vegetables, and fruits. 

Choose from an immense variety of Bento menus that suit your budget and caters to all your events.